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Style Datasheet
2886 Industrial Work Trousers
A001 Glove Clip
A010 Nylon Inspection Gloves (600 Pairs)
A030 String Knit Liner Gloves (300 Pairs)
A040 Jersey Liner Gloves (300 Pairs)
A100 Grip Glove - Latex
A110 Polka Dot Glove
A111 Classic Polka Dot Glove
A120 PU Palm Glove
A130 Criss Cross Glove
A140 Thermal Grip Glove - Latex
A145 Cold Grip Glove
A146 Arctic Winter Glove
A150 Classic Grip Glove - Latex
A195 Touchscreen - PU
A198 Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove
A210 Canadian Rigger Glove
A220 Premium Chrome Rigger Glove
A230 Double Palm Rigger Glove
A260 Oves Driver Glove
A270 Classic Driver Glove
A271 Lined Driver Glove
A300 Nitrile Knitwrist
A310 Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove
A320 Dexti-Grip Glove
A340 Hi-Vis Grip Glove - Latex
A350 DermiFlex Glove
A351 DermiFlex Plus Glove
A352 DermiFlex Ultra Glove
A400 PVC Knitwrist
A500 Welders Gauntlet
A521 TIG Ultra Welding Gauntlet
A530 Reinforced Welding Gauntlet
A531 Reinforced Winter Welding Gauntlet
A540 Ultra Welding Gauntlet
A611 Aramid HR Cut Latex Glove
A620 LR Cut PU Palm Glove
A621 Cut 3/4 Nitrile Foam Glove
A622 MR Cut PU Palm Glove
A625 Vis-Tex Cut Resistant Glove - PU
A626 Vis-Tex HR Cut Glove - Nitrile
A630 Razor - Lite Glove
A643 Amber Cut - Nitrile Foam
A646 Vis-Tex Winter HR Cut Glove Nitrile
A665 VHR Advanced Cut Glove
A667 Claymore AHR Cut Glove
A688 Pro Cut Liner Glove
A690 18 Inch(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
A721 Anti Impact Grip Glove
A722 Anti Impact Cut Resistant Glove
A727 DX VHR Impact Glove
A729 Anti Impact Cut Resistant Thermal Glove
A730 Supergrip - High Performance Glove
A740 Powertool Pro - High Performance Glove
A745 Impact Pro Cut Glove
A762 R3 Impact Winter Glove
A780 Arc Grip Glove
A790 Anti Vibration Glove
A801 Double Dipped Latex Gauntlet
A810 Nitrosafe Chemical Gauntlet
A812 Nitrosafe Plus Chemical Gauntlet
A820 Neoprene Chemical Gauntlet
A910 Powdered Latex Disposable Glove
A925 Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Glove
A930 Portwest Orange HD Disposable Gloves
AP01 Thermo Pro Glove
AP02 Thermo Pro Ultra
AP30 Dermi Pro Glove
AP31 Senti Cut Lite Glove
AP32 Dexti Cut Pro Glove
AP50 Aqua Cut Pro Glove
AP52 Dexti Cut Ultra Glove
AP62 Dermiflex Aqua Glove
AP65 NPR Pro Nitrile Foam
AP80 Liquid Pro Glove
AP81 Liquid Pro HR Cut Glove
B013 Knit Cap Insulatex Lined
B023 Reflective Trim Knit Hat Insulatex Lined
B027 Junior Beanie LED Head Light
B028 Rechargeable Twin LED Beanie
B029 Beanie LED Head Light USB Rechargeable
B030 Replacement Beanie Head Light
B031 Waterproof Beanie
B303 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
B304 Hi-Vis Hooded Sweatshirt
B307 Iona Sweater
B308 Xenon Rugby Shirt
B900 Holdall bag
B905 Hi-Vis Rucksack
B910 Waterproof Hold All 70L
BZ31 Bizweld FR Cargo Pant
C470 Hi-Vis Two Band & Brace Vest
C472 Hi-Vis One Band & Brace Vest
C701 Combat Trouser
C813 Liverpool Zip Coverall
C814 Iona Cotton Coverall
CS10 ColdStore Jacket
CS11 ColdStore Trousers
CS20 Fleece Balaclava
CS21 Neck Tube
CS24 Cooling Multiway Scarf
CS25 Anti-Microbial Multiway Scarf
CT32 CT MR Micro Foam Nitrile
CT45 CT HR Nitrile Foam
CT65 CT VHR Nitrile Foam
CT67 CT AHR Nitrile Foam
CT69 CT AHR+ Nitrile Foam
CT90 CT Sleeve AHR+
CV01 Cooling Vest
CV02 High Vis Cooling Vest
CV03 Cooling Crown with Neck Shade
CV04 Cooling Head Band
CV05 Cooling Neck Scarf
CV06 Cooling Towel
CV07 Cooling Helmet Sweatband
CV08 Cooling Sleeves
CV09 Cooling Evaporative Vest
CV10 Cooling Shoulder Insert
CV11 Cooling Crown Beanie
CV380 Social Distancing Vest 6ft
E041 Hi-Vis Poly-cotton Trousers
E043 Hi-Vis Poly-cotton Shorts
E046 Hi-Vis Combat Trousers
E049 Hi-Vis Two Tone Combat Trousers
E066 Two Tone ANSI Long Sleeve Work Shirt
E067 Two Tone Short Sleeve ANSI Work Shirt
EP02 PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)
EP04 Reusable Corded TPR Ear Plug ( 50 pairs)
EP07 Detectable TPR Corded Ear Plug (50 pairs)
EP08 Corded PU Foam Ear Plug (200 pairs)
EP20 Ear Plug Dispenser
EP21 Ear Plug Dispenser Refill Pack ( 500 pairs )
F124 Enhanced Visibility Industrial Work Shirt (short sleeve)
F125 Enhanced Visibility Industrial Work Shirt (Long sleeve)
F126 Iona Enhanced Bomber Jacket
F127 Iona Enhanced Work Pants
F128 Iona Enhanced Coverall
F129 Iona Enhanced Cotton Coverall
F130 Iona Xtra Enhanced Hoodie
F131 Iona Xtra Enhanced T-shirt
F140 Iona Plus Polo
F142 Iona Plus Pants
F143 PWE Enhanced Hoodie
F144 Iona Plus Winter Jacket
F301 Hi-Vis Two Tone Fleece
F474 Iona Vest
F476 Iona Executive Vest
F477 Iona Poloshirt
F813 Iona Coverall
FC60 Portwest Compositelite Operis Boot S3 HRO
FC64 Portwest Compositelite Trekker Shoe S1
FD10 Clyde Safety Boot S3 HRO CI HI FO
FR01 Bizflame FR Crew Neck
FR02 Bizflame FR Henley
FR09 FR Anti-Static Balaclava
FR13 FR 88/12 Baseball Cap
FR17 FR Knitted Hi-Vis Hat
FR19 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Neck Tube
FR32 FR Anti-Static Henley
FR33 FR Anti-Static Crew Neck
FR39 FR Neck Shade
FR40 FR Mask (Pk25)
FR41 Sealtex Flame Hi-Vis Jacket
FR43 Sealtex Flame Hi-Vis Trouser
FR44 Sealtex Flame FR Hi-Vis Coat 50″
FR54 FR Stretch Denim Jean
FR75 Hi-Vis FR Vest
FR89 Bizflame 88/12 FR Shirt
FR94 Bizflame 88/12 Iona FR Coverall
FR95 Bizflame 88/12 FR Hi-Vis Shirt
FR96 FR Hi-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt
FT15 Steelite Tove Trainer S1P
FW05 Steelite Fur Lined Protector Boot S3 CI
FW10 Steelite Protector Boot S1P
FW14 Steelite Protector Shoe S1P
FW17 Steelite Welted Safety Boot SB HRO
FW22 Steelite Metatarsal Boot S3 HRO M
FW31 Steelite Mid Cut Nubuck Boot SB HRO
FW33 Steelite Arx Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW34 Steelite Lusum Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW39 Steelite Ladies Safety Trainer S1P HRO
FW57 Steelite All Weather Boot S3 WR
FW63 Steelite Trekker Boot S1P
FW64 Steelite Trekker Shoe S1P
FW65 Steelite TaskForce Boot S3 HRO
FW69 Steelite Mustang Boot S3
FW75 Neptune Rigger Boot S5 CI
FW90 PVC Wellington 04
FW95 Total Safety Wellington S5
G465 Glowtex 3-in-1 Jacket
G470 Triple Technology Vest
GL13 Knit Glove Insulatex Lined
GL16 Touchscreen Knit Glove
H441 Hi-Vis Rain Trousers
H444 Hi-Vis Classic Contrast Rain Trouser
HA10 Fleece Hat Insulatex Lined
HA15 Hi Vis Ranger Hat
HA16 Hi Vis Neck Shade
HA20 Hi Viz Mesh Sun Shield
HB11 Reflective Baseball Cap
HV05 Illuminated Flashing Armband
HV12 USB Rechargeable Light Clip
HV55 Hi-Vis Strap
ID12 Medical Information Contact
KN10 Ultra Safety Cutter
KN18 Portwest Snap Off Knife
KN20 Pro Safety Cutter
KN30 Portwest Folding Utility Knife
KN40 Retractable Safety Cutter
KN90 Replacement Blades for KN10 and KN20 (10)
KN91 Replacement Blades for KN30 and KN40 Cutters (10)
KN93 Portwest Snap For KN18 Replacement Blades (10)
KP05 Kneeling Pad
KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad
KP30 Super Gel Knee Pad
KP40 Ultimate Gel Knee Pad
L440 Essentials Rainsuit (2 Piece Suit)
L470 Vega LED Vest
L476 Orion LED Executive Vest
LW70 Women's Hi-Vis Breathable Jacket
LW74 Women's Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
P200 FFP2 Respirator
P201 FFP2 Valved Respirator
PA01 Lens Cleaning Wipes
PA02 Lens Cleaning Station
PA10 Helmet Holder
PA45 Sweatband Endurance
PA50 LED Head Light
PA54 Tactical Torch
PA55 Replacement Helmet Sweatband
PA58 Helmet Winter Liner
PA60 7 LED Rubber Torch
PA61 High Powered Enforcer
PA63 Dual Power Head Light
PA65 Inspection Flashlight
PA70 USB Rechargeable LED Head Light
PA75 USB Rechargeable Torch
PS11 Tech Look Plus Spectacle
PS12 Tech Look Spectacle
PS30 Portwest Over-Spectacle
PS32 Wrap Around Plus Spectacle
PS43 HV Extreme Ear Muff
PS50 Arrow Safety Helmet
PS52 Full Brim Future Helmet
PS53 Height Endurance Helmet
PS54 Endurance Plus Helmet
PS56 Full Brim Future Unvented
PS58 Helmet Visor Holder
PS59 AirTech Bump Cap
PS68 Full Brim Visor Holder
PS89 Ultra Light Bump Cap
PS91 Arc Flash Visor Class 2
PS94 Mesh protection Visor
PV50 Peak View Hard Hat Vented
PV60 Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat Vented
PV64 Peak View Plus Ratchet Hard Hat
PW01 Safety PRO Hard Hat
PW02 Safety PRO Hard Hat Vented
PW11 Levo Spectacle
PW13 Clear View Spectacle
PW14 Lite Safety Spectacles
PW15 Fossa Spectacle
PW20 Direct Vent Goggle
PW21 Indirect Vent Goggle
PW32 Wrap Around Spectacle
PW33 Classic Safety Spectacle
PW340 PW3 Hi-Vis Work Trousers
PW342 PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Trouser
PW349 PW3 Work Shorts
PW360 PW3 Extreme Breathable Rain Jacket
PW362 PW3 Winter Jacket
PW365 PW3 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Jacket
PW370 PW3 Hi-Vis Sweatshirt
PW374 PW3 Hi-Vis Reversible Bodywarmer
PW38 Pan View Spectacle
PW40 Classic Ear Protector
PW41 Super Ear Protector
PW43 Comfort Ear Protector
PW47 Endurance Clip-On Ear Protector
PW52 Full Brim Premier Hard Hat Vented
PW53 Chin Strap
PW59 Portwest Bump Cap
PW80 Support Belt
PW96 Face Shield Plus
PW98 Forestry Combi Kit
PW99 Replacement Shield Plus Visor
PWE40 custom
RT22 Hi-Vis Short Sleeved Polo RIS
RT23 Hi-Vis T-Shirt RIS
S124 Industrial Work Shirt (Short Sleeve)
S125 Industrial Work Shirt (Long Sleeve)
S130 Ripstop Long sleeve Shirt
S156 Portwest Knee Pad
S170 Cotton Comfort Short Sleeve T-Shirt
S190 Hi-Vis Pocket T-Shirt
S191 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt
S192 Hi-Vis Long Sleeve Ribbed Cuff T-shirt
S231 Stretch Slim Combat Trouser
S277 Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Polo
S278 Hi-Vis Long Sleeved T-Shirt
S279 Two-Tone Long Sleeved Polo
S346 Iona Plus Long Sleeve T-shirt
S358 Nashville Two Tone T-shirt
S378 Two Tone T-Shirt
S393 Dayton Class 3 T-Shirt
S395 Detroit Short Sleeve T-Shirt
S396 Iona Plus Short Sleeved T-Shirt
S397 Class 3 Mesh Panel T-Shirt
S398 Laguna Long Sleeve T-Shirt
S438 Classic Adult Rain Coat
S441 Classic Adult Rain Trousers
S451 Sealtex Classic Trousers
S453 Sealtex Classic Bib & Brace
S477 Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Polo
S478 Hi-Vis T-Shirt
S479 Two-Tone Polo
S480 Hi-Vis Traffic Trousers
S481 Iona Lite Trousers
S485 Hi-Vis Contrast Coverall - Lined
S486 Hi-Vis Two Tone Traffic Trousers
S488 Contrast Bib & Brace - Unlined
S489 Contrast Bib & Brace - Lined
S493 Sealtex Ultra Reflective Trousers
S532 Orkney 3 in 1 Breathable Jacket
S546 Ultrasonic Tunnel Jacket
S555 Outcoach Jacket
S556 Vanquish Trouser
S563 RS Multi-Pocket Parka
S577 Non-ANSI Cotton Blend T-shirt
S578 Day-Vis Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt
S579 Day-Vis Pocket Long Sleeve T-Shirt
S587 Hi-Vis Rain Pants
S600 Shell Jacket
S686 Hi-Vis Contrast Trousers - Lined
S771 Bizflame Rain FR Multi-Protection Trouser
S783 Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Bomber Jacket
S790 Combat Shorts
S810 Bolton Painters Bib & Brace
S817 Painters Trouser
S891 Bradford Trousers
S999 Euro Work Coverall
ST30 BizTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6
ST40 BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 5/6
T180 PW3 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt S/S
T181 PW3 Hi-Vis T-Shirt S/S
T184 PW3 Hi-Vis Polo Shirt L/S
T185 PW3 Hi-Vis T-Shirt L/S
T400 PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket
T402 PW3 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket
T601 PW3 Work Trousers
T620 PW3 Flex Shell Jacket
T802 KX3 Ripstop Trouser
T832 KX3 Baffle Jacket
TK20 Print & Promo Softshell (2L)
TK25 custom
TK26 custom
UAF73 Araflame NFPA 2112 FR Coverall
UB214 Thermal T-Shirt Short Sleeve
UB215 Thermal Long Johns
UB216 Thermal T-Shirt Long Sleeve
UB315 Hi-Vis Two-Tone Zipped Hoodie
UB316 Kansas Zipped Hoodie
UBIZ1 Bizweld FR Coverall
UBIZ5 Bizweld Iona FR Coverall
UC171 custom
UC465 Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket
UC466 Hi-Vis Classic Bomber Jacket
UC476 Warsaw Executive Vest
UC492 Economy Mesh Vest
UC493 Economy Mesh Zip Vest
UC494 Hi-Vis Mesh Vest
UC496 Madrid Executive Mesh Vest
UF205 Aran Fleece Jacket
UF300 Hi-Vis Mesh Lined Fleece
UF301 Hi-Vis Two Tone Fleece
UF400 Argyll Heavy Fleece
UF401 City Fleece
UF476 Iona Executive Vest
UFC13 Indiana Rigget Boot EH
UFC69 Montana Hiker Boot EH
UFR21 Super Light Weight FR Anti-Static Coverall
UFR23 NFPA 2112 Woven Vest
UFR24 Class 3 FR Mesh Vest
UFR48 FR Duck Quilt Lined Jacket
UFR49 FR Duck Quilt Lined Bib Overall
UFR81 FR Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt
UFR87 Bizflame 88/12 Classic FR Coverall
UFR88 Bizflame 88/12 FR Coverall
UFR97 Bizflame 88/12 FR Plaid Shirt
UFT69 Steelite Ohio Safety Boot EH
UH440 Hi-Vis Rain Jacket
UH443 Hi-Vis Classic Contrast Rain Jacket
UH445 Hi-Vis Classic Rain Coat 48
UH446 Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Coat 48
UH447 Hi-Vis Reversible Rain Coat 48
UH449 Hi-Vis Reversible Bomber Jacket
UKS32 Pewter Jacket
UMV21 ARC Rated FR Mesh Vest
UPJ10 Pilot Jacket
UPJ50 Hi-Vis 3-in-1 Pilot Jacket
URT27 Hi-Vis 7-in-1 Traffic Jacket RIS
URT30 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket
URT32 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket RIS
US160 Hi-Vis Lite Traffic Jacket
US361 Hi-Vis Contrast Tape Rain Jacket
US363 Hi-Vis Two-Tone Bomber Jacket
US364 Hi-Vis Premium 2-in-1 Bomber
US365 Hi-Vis Premium 3-in-1 Bomber
US366 Hi-Vis Contrast Rain Jacket
US367 Hi-Vis 2-in-1 Contrast Tape Bomber Jacket
US368 Hi-Vis Contrast Tape Bomber Jacket
US369 Hi-Vis Contrast Tape Traffic Jacket
US370 Atlanta X Back Hi-Vis Vest
US371 Tulsa Contrast Hi-Vis Mesh Vest
US372 Jackson Contrast Hi-Vis Vest
US373 Aurora Sleeved Hi-Vis Vest
US374 Orlando Contrast Mesh Vest
US375 Premium Surveyors Vest
US376 Expert Pro Surveyors Vest
US377 Ultra Cool Surveyors vest
US380 Tampa Mesh Vest
US381 Frisco Contrast Vest
US382 Kobuk Breakaway Vest
US383 Augusta Sleeved Hi-Vis Vest
US384 Economy Mesh Breakaway Vest
US385 Expandable Mesh Breakaway Vest
US386 Mesh Over Pants
US387 Public Safety Vest
US388 Two Tone Mesh Overpants
US389 Hi Vis Two Tone Gaiters
US390 Economy Non ANSI Mesh Vest
US391 Iona Plus Mesh Vest
US414 Shetland Vest
US415 Classic Bodywarmer
US418 RS Reversible Bodywarmer
US427 Hi-Vis 7-in-1 Traffic Jacket
US428 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket (3L)
US429 Two Tone Softshell Jacket (3L)
US430 Perth Stormbeater Jacket
US433 Iona Lite Jacket
US434 Iona Lite Bomber Jacket
US440 Classic Rain Jacket
US450 Sealtex Classic Jacket
US460 Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket
US463 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
US466 Hi-Vis Contrast Traffic Jacket
US467 Hi-Vis Two Tone Traffic Jacket
US468 Hi-Vis 4-in-1 Traffic Jacket
US469 Hi-Vis Reversible Bodywarmer
US476 Berlin Executive Vest
US487 Hi-Vis Breathable Trousers
US490 Sealtex Ultra Lined Jacket
US491 Sealtex Ultra Unlined Jacket (Yellow)
US530 Arbroath Breathable Fleece Lined Jacket
US532 Orkney 3 in 1 Breathable Jacket
US533 Falkirk Bomber Jacket
US538 Moray Bomber Jacket
US562 RS Parka
US570 Aviemore 3 in 1 Mens Jacket
US580 Alabama Mesh Vest
US768 Hi-Vis Executive 5-in-1 Jacket
US773 Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Bomber Jacket
UTK50 Softshell Jacket (3L)
VA120 Vending PU Palm Glove
VA350 Vending DermiFlex Glove
VA620 Vending LR Cut PU Palm Glove
VA622 Vending MR Cut PU Palm Glove
Z456 Portwest Wooden Jacket Hanger
Z457 Portwest Wooden Trouser Hanger
Z460 Portwest Mug
Z461 Portwest Bottle Opener Keyring
Z466 Portwest Multiway Bandana
Z467 custom
Z524 custom
Z529 Spectacle Display Stand
Z530 Footwear Column
Z533 Glove/PPE Display Stand
Z534 Helmet Stand
Z535 Spectacle Display Box
Z541 Portwest Large Bin
Z543 Footwear Cardboard Display
Z550 Standing Mannequin
Z580 Portwest Paper Bag
Z581 Portwest Ballpoint Pen
Z583 Large PVC Banner
Z586 Portwest Pull-Up Banner
Z587 Portwest Mat
Z589 custom
Z595 Portwest Golf Umbrella
Z596 Rope Handle Carrier Bag
Z600 Starter Wall Bay W1.2m x H2.4m
Z601 Large Freestanding Floor Stand L1.5m x W.5m x H1.4m
Z610 Stepped Out Hanging Rail 50cm  
Z611 Shallow RSB 50cm
Z612 Shallow RSB 1.2m
Z613 Stepped Out Hanging Rail 1.2m
Z620 Forward Hanging Arm L22cm
Z621 Forward Hanging Arm L35cm
Z622 Stepped Arm
Z630 Hook 20cm
Z635 Shoe Shelf
Z636 Large Shelf
Z642 A1 Waterproof Poster Pack
Z643 Water Base Feather Flag
Z944 Portwest USA Catalogue
Z957 custom
Z970 Portwest Branded Wall Charts
Z973 custom
Z974 custom